Supply Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, single phase


Supply Current: 16-32 A


Operational Requirements: Temperature: +18°C to +28°C

                                            Humidity: 30-65%


For details of dimensions, electrical requirements and possible configurations for TC2, click image below

Thread Controller TC2


Practically all fibres can work in the Thread Controller2: natural fibres, synthetics, paper, metal, conductive materials...


All animal and vegetable fibres will work in the TC2 loom, as long as the yarn is not very short-stapled and/or with few torsions per length unit:  The general rule is that if the thread breaks easily when you pull it gently between your hands,  it should not be used as a warp material. In general, we caution against typical floor rug qualities because of heavy/stiff materials and high pick densities.


Materials such as cotton can become brittle if exposed to sunlight for some time, or if it is stored over time.  Linen, cotton, hemp, silk and wool, animal hair such as lama, alpaca and camel hair will work excellently. Also, viscose and synthetics.  We have customers working with materials such as fishing line, surgical steel wire, copper wire, electrical cords with different coatings, polyurethane/Lycra elastics, polypropylene ropes, paper yarn etc.


Possibilities are endless, limited only by imagination :


Since its launch in 1995, the Thread Controller has helped people weave a wide range of fabrics.  A few samples of their creativity


From idea to woven fabric in minutes! We are currently global market leaders in the segment of Digital Jacquard looms


  The Thread Controller goes beyond the limitations of any hand loom

•  You operate your Thread Controller alone

•  The Thread Controller allows you to produce woven “hard copies” in the hand loom, as an alternative or a supplement to flat

     simulations on screen or paper

•  The Thread Controller makes warp simulate any threading on shafts or in a Jacquard, so re-threading of the warp is not


•  The Thread Controller allows you to weave each new design on a different warp density and with new weave structures

•  A wireless interface with the computer means you can monitor and control the Thread Controller remotely

•  The Windows based environment minimizes training time, and represents a well tested user-interface

•  The Thread Controller makes it faster/easier to connect warps to warp beam and fabric beam

•  The Thread Controller has minimum space requirements

•  The Thread Controller enables collaboration with interior designers, fashion designers and architects for the contract market

•  With the TC-2, it is possible to experiment with module configurations depending on your requirements:

•  Maximum loom configuration is 4 modules in width and 12 modules in depth  ->  4 X 12 modules = 48 modules

     48 X 220* = 10 560 warp ends (controlled individually)

     Minimum loom configuration is 2 modules  ->  2 X 220*= 440 warp ends (controlled individually)

    *Each module has 220 heddles


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