Q.  How is TC-2 packaged for transit?


A.  The TC2 parts are stacked / organized on a wooden platform built so that fork lifts and dolly trucks can get under it. The loom parts are held in place by shape molded cut rubber foam: It keeps the weight down, and removes the risk of parts moving around. TC-2 is sealed inside a plastic bag and then encased by thick corrugated paper walls and a corrugated paper lid. Everything is held together with 2 metal straps.


Q.  What is a regenerative blower?


A.  It produces the vacuum to lift the warp threads

Depending on which version you have it weighs 40kgs


Make sure you take advice on which blower is right for you I.E single phase or 3 phase.(See TC-2 page for details)














Q.  How noisy is the blower?

A.  Think of a Dyson vacuum cleaner


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