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My childhood love of textiles was, for many years, expressed through tailoring and dressmaking… for me the fabric’s fibre content and weave detail was an important part of the experience. I first learnt to weave in 2006, this was rapidly followed up with a college course at Bradford College of Art to ‘speed up’ my weave education. Soon after finishing I studied for a basic teaching qualification and used this to start teaching handspinning and weaving locally. I currently teach the regular Introduction to Weaving course at Handweavers Studio, London and chair the editorial committee of the Journal for weavers, Spinners & Dyers as well as my local WSD guild. I have continued to expand my weave education by taking short courses (weave structures have particularly attracted me) with some excellent and generous weave teachers. An opportunity to study ‘The Woven Pixel’ with Alice Schlein not only fed my interest in jacquard weaving but also Alan’s fascination with how weaving and computers relate - this brought our interests together and in 2013 we became the owners of what had become our dream loom - TC-2!


My background is Royal Navy serving as a communications engineer and teacher at HMS Collingwood. I left the RN after the Falklands conflict and went into the electronics industry. I've always had a love of electronics and computers. Since 1990 I've been providing IT support for local businesses and people within our community. I build bespoke PC's and repair both pc's and laptops.


TC-2 has provided Dawn and I an opportunity to combine our skills. I see Digital Weaving UK as our shop front where we can offer a complete service, especially as most weavers are using technology in their craft. We really are at the point where its frustrating to use technology because the marketing hype gives us higher expectations than the technology can deliver. Therefore we can provide a service where we understand the craft and the technology.


For the TC1/2 community here in the UK we hope to make available the same level of service Digital Weaving Norway provide but right here in the UK.


As someone once said we want to provide the whole 'widget'

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